‘Empty’ Days

Out of the 6,057 students that attend York St John University, I have wanted, more than any of them, to have less time off over Christmas. I’ve been bored. I have a job, yes. I sell many baths, yes. I have begged on all two knees for more hours. But on my days off I’ve been floating about with streams of Netflix littering my tired brain and slowly eating more food as each day progresses. It leaves me feeling sluggish and regretful of the pattern my life is slowly shaping into.

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Here is a draft blog post I began writing towards the end of July this year:

So, I have my own set of tea towels. I bought tea towels. I bought cutlery. For myself. Whats worse, I bought a rack! A metal, cylinder rack for my cutlery to sit in. On top of this, I have all these emails about tenancy agreements and guarantor information that I just don’t want to answer.

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