9 Day Blogging Challenge: CONNECT

Hello again blogosphere! I apologise for the radio silence. It turns out though, a challenge was all I needed to get going again. I’m participating in a 9 Day Blogging Challenge ran by Caroline Towers where a prompt is given each day to inspire a post. You can expect a blog post a day for the next 9 days and hopefully the streak will continue!

Today the prompt is “CONNECT”.

So, in the spirit of connecting with others, which is what the blogosphere is all about, I wanted to do a chit-chat post on my day. One of the ways us charming human beings connect is through stories and resonating with each other’s ways. This blog is a platform of chatter and thus there must be many chatterings to be done. I hope you relate to some of them atleast!

Today was a 17 degree day in York, England. Since today is a Monday, many of you may have expected it to be bleak. But not with the #studentluxuries of summer hols. Despite the fact I’m actually busier now than I was when I was at uni, I used today to chill and get back into the swing of reading some books!

After a morning catching up on some work, I took to the outside world in my tank top and headed to a warm spot to soak up the sun and soak up some good-lookin’ words. I sat by the York Art Museum on a pretty park bench,facing the fountain, and opened up the pages of Cheryl Strayed’s Wild.

It’s been blowing my frickin’ mind.

A woman, just an ordinary woman, with some big ass balls, is hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. For those of you that don’t know, this is a crazy hitchhiker’s heaven where you hike some crazy long distance in the wilderness looking parts of America.

Cheryl Strayed is telling me her story of how she came to hike it, (with no hiking experience may I add), and the journey across it. So far I’ve just hit 100 pages in. I’ve already been exposed to the facts of new levels of pain, heartache, loss, struggles love & relationships face, and the one way to tackle those obstacles: to hike it out!!

I now want to hike some long trail in the wilderness of America even if it means the risk of death by bear and getting some big ass foot blisters. This woman has some mighty big balls! And I envy them!

My days  has mostly considering of having my nose in this book, and I won’t lie, a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother.

I’m a person who can only read when relaxed; a book won’t calm my stress but my stress will prevent me from reading. Today it felt great to delve into someone else’s life because I didn’t have to worry too much about my own.

The power of books people, the power of books.

Day 1 is officially complete for this challenge! In the spirit of connecting please leave a comment or follow me on Instagram for some more amazingly filtered pics (that cover up my poor photography skills!).

I just got a recommendation on Instagam for another books on women hikers if you wanna check it out: Almost Somewhere by Suzanne Roberts.

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