The Fiction of Our Lives

I think people underestimate the power of imagination. I’m not putting my geek book hat on here and referencing the imagination of Lewis Carroll or J.K.Rowling; I am not referencing the power for us to create fictional worlds of talking caterpillars and flying sticks. No.

You see, not only do each of us have the potential to create a fictional world for literature, but we have the potential to paint our own lives in a light that draws no truth or resemblance to reality. I wanted to talk about today how our imagination can lead us down paths we weren’t intending to go down and how we are supposed to stop it.

For me, thinking and thinking and thinking is a mighty dangerous thing to be doing in my spare time. If I’m thinking about how lovely my friends have been today or how I’m going to squeeze in my next assignment, then fab. Great. But you start to walk on an uneven road when you start to think of the things that aren’t there. You start to compare. You start to analyse. It’s a skill, really. One that takes training over many many years and a hell of a lot of brain space.

It is possible to create a fictional world in one part of your imagination. You can concoct situations that aren’t there; bits of them are real but by thinking and thinking you have blurred the lines between fiction and reality. So how do you learn to prize them apart? How do you learn to stop overthinking?

The truth is you can’t stop it. It’s part of you. And just like any part you don’t like, like a hideous natural hair colour, you can go and change it to a beautiful purple but the roots will always show through.

Get out that pot of dye and spend the time changing the colour. Re-address and untangle the made up from the real life. Decide what it is you want. Decide which parts of the fictional you want to be real. And which bits are past haunting you and past decisions tainting you.

And one day, your hair will be purple. You can look in the mirror and think, man, I’m lookin’ good.

But a word of warning, after 28 washes you will see some days worse than others. That hideous light brown will sneak into your roots and the signs will start to show. But the solution is simple really. As long as it’s not a Sunday after 4, you can go and buy some more dye. Start again. Work at it. Nothing good never came easy and definitely not something as difficult as this.

So, now you’ve read this post, and I hope you had a cup of tea with you, please take action. Dye your hair purple or green or a beautiful shade of red. Cover that bold patch with a cool-ass quiff. Sit and let your mind do what it wants and think – but keep watch this time. Don’t let your mind rule you. Have your life as you want it. You’re the only person standing in your way.


One thought on “The Fiction of Our Lives

  1. Dawn says:

    Great analogy and well put together Beth. Makes you realise how much we create and how much is just as it is. Over thinking creates genius but also sends people potty. A fine balance.

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