Coffee Shop Vibes

There is nothing quite like dedicating 10 precious investments of coffee into a stamp card and seeing the day the rewards begin to bloom. Yes, that’s right. Today, I was awarded a FREE coffee! Can you imagine! That means (calculates on her fingers) that I could have 2 or 3 coffees because I’ve saved SO much money. #logic

So this leads us to me sat in Cafe Nero sipping my (free) Frappe Coffee & Caramel with extra cream. This is my 2nd coffee within the hour since working a sales rep gives you free coffee privileges. And I’m hyped. Hyped on love hyped on life.

This post is a general life update for those precious fewer readers that like to hear my ramblings. My new goal is a post every single Monday – whether I stick to this adventurous goal is another thing entirely. However, I am a woman of many dreams.

Last week consisted of a Uni deadline of a 1500 word essay on my dear Edgar (Allen Poe). I got this in 16 hours early!!!! Which in itself is miraculous considering I only began writing it less than 48 hours before I submitted it. I’ve also been a real student this week and found myself out on the town.  I managed to drink an entire bottle of Merlot before 6pm and felt sick eating my dinner of pork, potato and an excessive amount of sweetcorn.

I have been in work every single day for a few hours delving into the mayhem of having to work with other people on a day-to-day basis (i know right!). I have thoroughly loved work this week; I am back to being busy busy busy and it’s absolutely fabulous.

My man is on holiday this week skiing through the Bulgarian slopes. Despite missing him to pieces, his Instagram is impressively showing his journey and it looks incredible.

Yesterday was a casual Sunday and I had the weirdest concoction of lazy and productive. I woke up at 9am; went to the gym; did a 20 minute workout; walked for a few miles down a mysterious cycle path; then showered and cooked lunch. And then to congratulate myself for my superb productivity I proceeded to watch Netflix for the next 10 hours. Man, it feels so good but so bad to binge watch for that long.

Today I am making up for it and haven’t stopped since 7:30 this fine morn. As I’ve said, coffee is keeping me pleasant and I even had a slight bit of banter with the cafe staff.

So, to conclude, more posts are coming! Sunday is a day of rest but the rest of the time I’m kicking ass!

Peace out readers. Au revoir. For now.


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