What She Tackles She Conquers

If you’re going to submerge yourself in a TV series tonight, make it Gilmore Girls.

This upbeat program delves into the core of single parenthood and the constant search for identity and happiness. Lorelai was a mother at 16 in a family ignorant to emotion and only caring for the status of their precious Gilmore name. At 16 she moved her already strongly independent, pregnant behind out of her family home and into the quaint town of Stars Hollow; with not even the father of her baby to follow her. She is undoubtedly an enviable figure of strength throughout all 7 seasons – even on her low points.

And that’s a point – realistic low points are not hidden or played up or down. Unlike other series’ I’ve watched, where in order for drama to play a part in an episode, there has to be a dramatic scenario, a good bitch, a death, an affair , unlikely to happen to half us sat reading this, Gilmore Girls reveals the smallest of lows that we all are familiar with.

Of even the strongest woman that is Lorelai, we have the privilege to see her indestructibility; her moments when unexplainable emotion hits and the barriers we have are secretly battered down.

Both Mother and Daughter are each other’s back bone & are an unstoppable team. They go through all the ups and downs of relationships (the inevitable ones and the provoked) and then end up sitting with a cup of coffee ready to tackle the world once again. They show how to work so many different relationships – parents, best friends, tolerated friends, boyfriends, girlfriends & unruly Grandparents. They show that even the strongest of us aren’t indestructible. And that’s okay.

Most of all, I love Rory’s nature. The reason for this being that she is probably my sister separated at birth. I mean, we are meant to be. She loves books. I love books! She loves to study and learn. I love to study and learn! She thinks through every possible scenario. So do I! It’s uncanny. I’m inspired to watch her tackle life and am delighted to know when we would have followed the same path.

I also love the way she conducts life with Logan. Logan is a “rich trust fund kid”, that despite this label is a love-able character by mid-season-7. He inspires Rory to move forward with her life, be productive, and not be routed to one spot. They experience travel regularly – with his new job taking Logan to London. They are planning a trip to Asia even though they are struggling through a long distance relationship. I envy all of it and coincidentally it is what I aspire towards in my own (not quite as long) distanced relationship.

Most Netflix binge sessions I think to be unhealthy. Even with Gilmore Girls, I’m reluctant to say that it is probably wise to moderate your intake. But this program has so much to offer. If you’re a woman searching for some (sometimes seemingly irrelevant) answers, or a man wanting inside a woman’s head, give it a watch. I relate to these characters so much and it’s easily as enjoyable as reading a book where you can put yourself in the place of a character and get irreversibly attached.





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