Here is a draft blog post I began writing towards the end of July this year:

So, I have my own set of tea towels. I bought tea towels. I bought cutlery. For myself. Whats worse, I bought a rack! A metal, cylinder rack for my cutlery to sit in. On top of this, I have all these emails about tenancy agreements and guarantor information that I just don’t want to answer.

I just feel so ‘adulty’ lately..

I bought tea towels that have polka dots and stripes and little teapots on! I bought bedding and ornaments that make my tummy knot like it’s possible I’m falling in love with them!

Apart from the emails, the emails suck.

In the ignorant part of my brain, I’m oblivious to the reasons I’ve bought a knife and fork just for me. I flick through the next few weeks of my (beautiful, Paperchase) diary and respond the same to the words “THE DAY I MOVE TO YORK” like I would to a blank entry. I look at all the homey things my mum kindly bought me, and I get excited for something I’m not even sure I believe is happening.

Reading through that, I kinda wish I had finished the goddamn post and just pressed publish! I remember those feelings all too well. York felt like a little adventure I’d said I would venture onto but, as with most things, wouldn’t actually be followed through.

But yet here I am! Living with great roommates; hitting deadlines with a rushed level of accuracy; cooking batches of food and freezing them! Oh the preparedness!

I’ll admit it’s not all been smooth sailin’. I’ve melted a plastic jug, turned a few white tops a light shade of pink and watched red wine trickle down my white cabinet and soak into my bed sheets. Yesterday, I bought even more cutlery after (skillfully) snapping two of my knifes in half whilst trying to cut my toast in half.

For all the writers reading this, writing stuff down is cool – you will have gathered that. But, if you don’t already, maybe consider starting a diary. Get a pretty Paperchase notepad or create a folder hidden away on your laptop. Maybe even, dare I say it, start a blog.

There is nothing quite as cool as looking back on your thoughts from a few weeks, months or maybe even a few years ago, and reflecting on what you’ve done despite your feelings at the time.

Go go go. Go write.

Carve out time for reflection. It’s the only time you’re ever allowed to look back.

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