Blogging blogging blogging. When will thy ever keep up with thy blogging? A month and a half without a peep! What will thy do to repent for this sin?

I’m conducting research that suggests time moves suspiciously fast in York.I think that York is perhaps in another paradox altogether. Although you can travel in and out, as soon as you cross the boundary every second triples and before you know it you’re a grey-haired 70 year old living off a poor excuse of a pension.

Another element is that perhaps I’m just really really busy. I’ve started a new job as a ‘Sales Professional’ in a bathroom showroom (fancy, right?). That has stolen 16 rich hours of my week and Uni seem to have picked up the scent and loaded the work on so now I’m heavily behind. I don’t know whether you would call writing this blog post being “productive” or simply procrastinating as my work is piled to the right of my laptop untouched since I began typing.

However, I’m counting it. It’s the month of writing after all! NaNoWriMo has kicked in and given my the challenge of writing 1,666 words a day – I’ll agree that this pain is self-inflicted, but still. For National Novel Writing Month I am writing a selection of short stories that will keep me occupied in December submitting to many many many competitions. The aim of NaNo is (obviously) to write a novel (50,000 meaty words of a novel) but thinking productively I know there ain’t much I can do with a novel. My aim is to get published as much as possible throughout the next 3 years and instead of fighting through the mania to get a novel published, I’m starting with the little league.

Overall, life’s a bit of a mixture of work and play. Although a lot of the work feels like play. I guess you could say I’m ‘growing up’. I’m swamping my notebooks with to-do lists and getting better at chaining myself to one spot and elongating my attention span. I guess you could say I’m getting better at drinking more and not throwing up. My work is, if nothing else, really interesting. Yesterday I spent 2 hours in a cafe in the train station writing a story that is eventually to be submitted as a complete assessment on Friday. I spent this morning under my duvet, with the backdrop of a sunrise, and read a really good book. For a module. For University.

I’ll just eradicate the word ‘work’ and replace it with ‘play’. I can’t distinguish them. Books are just awesome.

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