Say hello to my new rucksack; courtesy of Sports Direct for just £12*. I’ve been looking for a small rucksack for a few weeks for day trips and writing escapades and this ticks all the boxes. This little guy is perfect as there is a padded pocket for my laptop to snuggle into, and plenty of space for notepads and, of course, essential snacks.

To fit as many adventures in my year as possible, my aim is to plan loads of cheap, short trips to places I’ve never been before. At the start of August, Scotland welcomed us with open arms as we sat our tent metres away from the shore of Loch Lomond. My little souvenir badge is sittin’ pretty on my new rucksack and is waiting impatiently for more to follow. This morning I’ve spent planning another camping adventure to the Peaks. Kieran and I will be spending 48 glorious hours camping in Ashbourne at Bank Top Farm. And yes, you guessed it, my little purple rucksack will be joining us.

As well as amazing getaways with friends, I have a few sneaky ideas for solo day trips. When I’m scraping the pot a little less for money, I want to find a spare day and just jump on a train to a random town/city and spend the day reading and writing. If I’m smart it shouldn’t cost much more than £10-£20 on train fare. I’ll take a water bottle, a packed lunch and plenty snacks to avoid spending money on food. If I stay on the train past Kieran’s, I’ll end up in Lincoln. And they have a badass library holding some very old books. (*link below if you like old books too). I’ll take my rucksack and poddle around on a little adventure and it will be fabulous.

For those of you that write, it’s heavily a solitary activity. Hours are spent by yourself racking your brain and spitting out words in the hope it’s not complete word vomit. Some people enjoy writing in their quiet offices or bedrooms. I’m a little different in that a busy city environment will make ideas bounce around in my head 10x quicker. I get inspired by watching people interact; how people stand differently waiting for a bus, or how people work quicker than others in an overcrowded cafe. People that interest me could help make a profile for a character and certain instances could set the groundwork for a scene or even a short story. It only takes one idea to spark another and then another.

My main adventure as of late is moving to York for University (I got in!!!). In 3 weeks I’ll be all adulty moving out of my parents house and setting the seeds for a pretty big adventure. I guess that means my purple rucksack qualifies to come with?

Look out for a post to follow with some of my (very pretty) homey things that will soon be sittin’ proud in my soon-to-be home in York.

In conclusion, welcome to the family my little purple rucksack; may you spawn many bestsellers, as well as memories.


*side note: this post is not sponsored by Sports Direct, I’m not that famous yet.

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