I’m Moving To York Baby!!!!

An adventure is blooming and so shall this beautiful online diary full of sunflowers and raindrops and sunshine!

After a really hard few months, I’ve really twisted my perspective around and finally got my eye on the prize! My life feels like a little jigsaw where all the pieces are slowly finding their way together and slotting themselves in to make a beautiful image.

I’ve spent the last 3 weeks completely changing my plans for the future and creating a life I truly desire! I have very dramatically decided I am moving an hour away from home to the charming home of York! I have a place @ York St John to study a joint-honours in English Literature and Creative Writing.


I’ve had a slight hiccup today where my plans for accommodation are falling apart due to me applying so late.. But it’s actually turned out even better than I’d hoped and I now have a beautiful place to live!

The only downside is I’ve bought (beautiful) bedding for a single bed and I’m now lucky enough to get a double! So (YAY!) I get to go shopping again and find some gorgeous sheets to fit my gorgeous room! As i collect more and more of my homey things I will put up a post showing off my interior decorating skills!

Anywho, cheerio not-so-existent readers. For whoever is reading this way into the future, I hope your day is filled with sunshine and a whole field full of sunflowers!


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