9 Day Blogging Challenge: CONNECT

Hello again blogosphere! I apologise for the radio silence. It turns out though, a challenge was all I needed to get going again. I’m participating in a 9 Day Blogging Challenge ran by Caroline Towers where a prompt is given each day to inspire a post. You can expect a blog post a day for the next 9 days and hopefully the streak will continue!

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Wilmslow Day (1&)2: Romantic-Picnics-4-1, Shelter, Hot Coco, BBQs & Sun

I don’t know where to start. My head is a nest of bees and I’m trying to find that one bee that stole the other bees tiara. Yes, bees are really quite bitchy when it comes to glittery goods.

Today I rose to consciousness just after 10am. I very shamefully sat snuggled flicking through my phone, watching videos, till 11am. Sadly it is a deterioration of yesterday where I was up and ready by 10am.  I slugged out of bed reluctant for a shower but knew it was (definitely) time to get moving. I showered, again was amazed at the power of my tiny hairdryer, and left the flat as soon as I was ready.

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The Perception Filter of the Arts

Ask any student in the field of English Literature, Media, Creative Writing & Music what the world’s response is to their degree.

“What can you do with that?”

“That must be fun; reading books all day”

“Do you have a plan? It doesn’t seem very practical”

It’s disheartening to hear such criticism towards a decision you put every ounce of your passion into. To study the humanities didn’t need a specific goal or plan in place. It’s your first love. It’s all for that breathtaking stanza of Keats’ “La Belle Dame Sans Merci” or that tingle up your arm as you hear the right chord slot into the melody. Continue reading

‘Empty’ Days

Out of the 6,057 students that attend York St John University, I have wanted, more than any of them, to have less time off over Christmas. I’ve been bored. I have a job, yes. I sell many baths, yes. I have begged on all two knees for more hours. But on my days off I’ve been floating about with streams of Netflix littering my tired brain and slowly eating more food as each day progresses. It leaves me feeling sluggish and regretful of the pattern my life is slowly shaping into.

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Here is a draft blog post I began writing towards the end of July this year:

So, I have my own set of tea towels. I bought tea towels. I bought cutlery. For myself. Whats worse, I bought a rack! A metal, cylinder rack for my cutlery to sit in. On top of this, I have all these emails about tenancy agreements and guarantor information that I just don’t want to answer.

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